Victoria Lomasko: Forming Links Between Socially Engaged Art and Human Rights Protection

Institute for Contemporary Art, Yerevan invites you to attend the seminars of Victoria Lomasko where she will talk about her practice in relation to specific issues that she is focused on. 
Victoria Lomasko will talk about her projects that were supported and also partially initiated by human rights protection initiatives such as Civic Assistance Committee, Social Center for Criminal Justice Reform, Oxfam, Side by Side LGBT festival and Bishkek Feminist Collective SQ. As a result of such collaboration, social graphic reportage, samizdat editions, graffiti as well as Drawing Lessons at a Juvenile Prison were created. The latter Lomasko has implemented throughout 4 years according to her own methodological programme. 
A discussion of following topics is also envisioned in the frames of the seminar: 
•What is the difference between a socially engaged artist and an activist? Where does art finish and human rights protection start? 
•Relations between socially engaged artists and the social groups researched/included by them in projects? 
•Why do human rights defenders/activists and artists need to collaborate with each other? 
The advantages and disadvantages of such collaborations. Analysis of success and failure stories of collaborative projects.