Urban Stories. Talk by Nadim Karam

In his talk "Urban Stories" a Lebanese artist, sculptor and architect Nadim Karam will be introducing the thinking process behind his urban art interventions in different cities of the world as well as the social engagement aspect of public art projects․ 
Nadim Karam has authored large-scale urban art installations for cities across the globe and has participated in international events such as the Liverpool, Venice, and Gwangju biennales. He has had many solo shows and was featured in group exhibitions at Shanghai JSIP Biennale, Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; Villa Emapain, Brussels; and the Royal College of Art, London. 
Nadim Karam and his experimental group Atelier Hapsitus’ approach focuses on the conviction that cities are living organisms, and art can rouse dreams by injecting energy into urban areas through cultural catalysts with the power to dig up community memories, tell stories, introduce absurdity or provoke questions.