Victoria Lomasko Talk

Victoria Lomasko is a feminist artist and curator based in Moscow, Russia. 
She graduated in 2003 from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts, where she majored in graphic art and book design. She now works as a graphic artist, with a particular focus on graphics reportage. She draws on Russian traditions of reportage drawing (as practised during the Siege of Leningrad, in the Gulag, and within the military), and has lectured and written about graphic reportage. In her own graphic reportage work, Lomasko explores current Russian society, especially the inner workings of the country's diverse communities and groups, such as Russian Orthodox believers, LGBT activists, underage prostitutes, migrant workers, sex workers, and collective farm (sovkhoz) workers. As a graphic reportage artist, she has collaborated with both the mass media and human rights organizations, and her work has been exhibited at numerous shows in Russia and abroad. She is also the co-curator of two long-term projects combining art and activism, Drawing the Court (with Zlata Ponirovska) and Feminist Pencil (with Nadya Plungian). 
Her works have been shown both in street exhibitions (Occupy Abay) and traditional museums (the Russian Museum). Lomasko’s most renown works include Forbidden Art, a court reportage book (with A. Nikolayev), Chronicles of Resistance, a series of graphic reportage from opposition protests, Drawing Lessons at a Juvenile Prison and Slaves of Moscow, a graphic reportage. 
In 2012-2014 she was the designer of “Volya”, an anarchist samizdat.