For Posterity 

Please join us for a presentation, display, and conversation put on by our artist-in-residence, Sofia Falcon. Sofia will present a digital project, followed by a conversation. This project documents one diasporic Armenian’s efforts to connect with and documents her history. Through research into her own family and roots, the artist and designer created a prototype for a web app that facilitates the documentation of personal history. This app will continue as a collaborative project with her partner, Alfonso Gober, as part of their studio - Merciba ( It seeks to produce an empathetic user experience that allows people to easily add stories, photos, videos, research and information that come together as a full and rich history without the person needing to explicitly set out to do so. This becomes a 21st-century family album and miniature history museum, to be passed down for future generations. 

As diasporic descendants, we often feel like a thin, fragile branch of our family tree and culture. We are often missing photos, videos, stories, experiences, and relationships. This project seeks to help people collect as well as create family and cultural histories more easily. Those thin, fragile branches can grow strong and bear fruit for future generations to feed on. 

This event will also feature a display of drawings produced by the artist during her residency at ICA, creating a multi-layered creative vision of the artist.