Through performing and social fictions, cinematic, urban, anthropological research and writing, the project will address the interrelationship of the city, personal and collective memories, politics of space and time as well as artistic recuperation and transformation of the urban environment. 

the program will be presented by Boris Bakal, artist, curator, performer, theatre/ film director, researcher, pedagogue and the co-founder of bacači Sjenki. 
shadow casters / bacači Sjenki is a multi award-winning and critically acclaimed international artistic and production platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, creativity and reflection on inter-media art from Zagreb / Croatia. 

city_hypertext is a multidisciplinary project of AJZ art collective that is tackling artistic explorations of space, city, memory, and bodily presence through performative practices by shadow casters /bacači Sjenki/. it is realized within the frameworks of the High fest international performing arts festival and Aipap /Armenian independent performing arts platform in collaboration with ICA Yerevan /institute for contemporary art/ and Cumalab / laboratory of culture and management.