Caucasian-Balkan Express: Meeting with Artists

Institute for Contemporary Art, Yerevan invites you to the informal presentation of Caucasus – Balkan Express project, initiated by the Alt Art Foundation and Balkan Express Network, in collaboration with Bouillon Group, Tbilisi, Public Art Platform, Tbilisi and Institute for Contemporary Art, Yerevan. 

The project consists of three segments; a Caravan meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia, an artistic residency of four artists in Cluj in May 2015 with a final presentation/exhibition of their artistic works in public space in Cluj. The nomad artistic residency also takes place in Tbilisi and Yerevan in May-June 2015. 

During their stay in Yerevan, the project team is implementing a series of institutional and studio visits for networking and communication with the art scene in Yerevan. The meeting at ICA, Yerevan will provide a platform for sharing experiences about the residency in Cluj meeting Armenian artists, curators and cultural operators.