Asbed Aryan
Theory and Praxis with Pubescents and Adolescent

Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
with the collaborations of Delia M.Torres de Aryan and Carlos Moguillansky

This book is the outcome of more than 40 years of expertise in consultations and psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic treatments of teens from 12 years old up to young adults of 22 even 24 years old, who suffer many kinds of pathologies, neurotics, perverse or borderlines. Non-psychotics. Responds to the needs of many levels of the academic training of fellow students of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, doctors, paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists and lawyers. A striking feature of the style of Dr.Aryan’s prose is that of being very simple, plain and everyday language that integrates theory and practice, responds to both students and colleagues as well as professionals of tertiary education as are the phonologists, physiotherapists, nurses and college teachers of education media and even parents.