News from Nowhere 

“News from Nowhere” is interdisciplinary research project and multimedia artistic exploration of isolation and identity in a "nowhere" place as a utopia in juxtaposition with "non-places" or "non-states" using the example of Nagorno-Karabakh (Republic of Artsakh) in the South Caucasus. 

The project describes places where everything works differently and where things, concepts and phenomena that are obvious to us are questioned. The artistic exploration of Ada Kobusiewicz (AT/PL) and Radmila Stanković (RS) provokes a reflection and questions on topics of identity, non-identity and diversity, home and non-home, and allows the mediation of new perspectives. The important point is to find an answer to the questions: What are the nowhere places? What does it mean to live outside of political map? Is there an identity without a state?